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» Abstract submission deadline:
   25 January 2015
» Acceptance notification to authors:
   28 February 2015
» Early-bird registration cut off:
   25 March 2015
» Full paper submission:
   20 April 2015
» Registration deadline:
   20 May 2015
» Conference sessions:
   10 - 12 June 2015

IFKAD 2015 - International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics

10th edition on the theme of:

Culture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship:
connecting the knowledge dots

The theme of the 10th edition of the International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD – 2015) aims to explore the role and the relations of three fundamental pillars of the success of XXI century organisations: culture, innovation and entrepreneurship. They serve each other and dynamically through a system of direct and indirect relationships. The relevance of these three dimensions for competitiveness is not new. However, in today's complex and volatile economic era the capacity of organisations, cities and territories of combining and integrating culture, innovation and entrepreneurship represent a fundamental source of sustainable value creation. They define three fundamental knowledge domains shaping and affecting learning organisational systems.

Culture interpreted as the overall cultural and artistic activities and form of expressions contributes to explain how people's creativity and humanity characteristics are explicated. In this light, culture denotes the knowledge domain related to humanities, arts and design whose relevance can be viewed in relation to its direct and indirect contribution to the development of creative capacity for organizational value creation. In relation to culture, innovation represents the knowledge domain translating into action, through application and exploitation, novel creative ideas and solutions in order to drive prosperity. Finally, entrepreneurship defines the people's mindset of being open mind, risk taking, and change-oriented. This also involves a forward-looking thinking, rather than a short-oriented approach, as well as a critical thinking able both to analyze and foresee opportunities and to shape new possibilities for growth.

Adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, the theme of IFKAD2015 encourages us to propose studies that can support the understanding of the new value drivers affecting the value creation dynamics of XXI century organisations both at micro and macro level. This entails the investigation both from theory and practice of the approaches, models and tools for managing and synergistically integrating culture, innovation and entrepreneurships

IFKAD brings together academicians, young researchers, practitioners and policy makers from different fields to provide an opportunity for discussion and debate regarding the strategic relevance and role of the knowledge-based value drivers characterizing the XXI century business landscape.

The conference is also planned to provide postgraduate research and PhD students an invaluable opportunity to present, discuss and get feedback on their research projects from the international academic experts during the PhD Consortium.


We are happy to inform you that we have finalized and published the FINAL PROGRAM of IFKAD 2015. Please note that the timeline of the program is definitive. We kindly invite to you check the time of your presentation in order to help you with your travel arrangements.
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