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» Track proposal deadline:
   10 October 2015
» Abstract submission deadline:
   25 January 2016
» Acceptance notification to authors:
   28 February 2016
» Early-bird registration cut off:
   25 March 2016
» Full paper submission:
   20 April 2016
» Registration deadline:
   20 May 2016
» Conference sessions:
   15 - 17 June 2016

IFKAD 2016 - International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics

11th edition on the theme of:

Towards a New Architecture of Knowledge:
Big Data, Culture and Creativity

The 11th edition of the International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD – 2016) addresses three key topics leading towards a new architecture of knowledge: big data, culture and creativity. In view of radically changing demands on knowledge work as an eminent factor for personal, organizational, and societal success its patterns have to be rethought. New ways of creating, processing, and sharing knowledge must be discovered beyond the classic paths of established disciplines.

A core driver for rethinking and innovating knowledge work is the increasing interdependence of big data, culture, and creativity. Ubiquitous information and communication technologies produce an ever-expanding amount of data, whose value is hard to tap with principles of conventional data processing – but how to design new methods of analysis? Organizational and community culture is a decisive frame for unprejudiced and venturesome intra- and entrepreneurship, which may result in disruptive solutions – but how to display and nurture the volatile facets of culture? Finally, creativity is one of the remaining human faculties that cannot be replaced by computers by now – but how to reach higher levels of creativity and discover new application fields?

To answer these questions IFKAD 2016 provides a platform for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to present and reflect original approaches, models and tools for knowledge-based value drivers. To overcome interdisciplinary barriers and to enable a dynamic exchange between the participants systerious methods of knowledge transfer are practically applied at this years conference. This includes interactive sessions, co-creation and open conference formats.

The conference´s PhD sessions gives a unique opportunity to postgraduates and PhD students to present and discuss their work, and to collect feedback from international experts.


We are happy to announce the final selection of special tracks for IFKAD 2016. For more details, see special track page. If you want to submit your material for one of these special tracks, please indicate it within the submission form.