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The KBDC aims to be the leading global network for those interested in the theory and practice of assessing and managing knowledge resources and intellectual capital to support sustainable value creation and performance improvement of organisations and communities.

As academic-practitioner community the KBDC is devoted to explore and advance theoretical and practical knowledge and insights about the effective exploitation and development of knowledge endowment of organizations.

The principal functions of the KBDC are:
  • To encourage the development of a multi-disciplinary community centred around the evaluation and management of knowledge resources and intangible assets to enhance the value creation capacity of micro and macro organizations;
  • To provide networking opportunities so that members community can improve their theoretical and practical understanding into the field of knowledge resources measurement and management for value creation according to a worldwide view;
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas about theory and practice in the field of knowledge resources measurement and management for sustainable value creation;
  • To support the transfer of ideas, concepts and insights about how translate knowledge resources and intellectual capital into organisational sustainable value from academia to business and vice-versa.
KBDC provides benefits to both academic and business communities.

Both academics and practitioners contribute to develop and stimulate the debate around knowledge based resources evaluation and management, so that ensuring the continued relevance to both groups. The rationale behind the KBDC's activities is assuring a valuable synergy between theory and practice, where theory informs the practice of experimentation which modifies the theory.

The multi-disciplinary nature represents a further key value driver of the KBDC since it allows a valuable cross fertilisation among its members. KBDC is committed to widely and rapidly disseminate fresh knowledge and lesson learnt by and among its members across the world.